Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council acts as the primary oversight of UNCG data policy and overall data administration.

Key Focus Areas
  • Curriculum Data
  • Registration Data
  • Student Records Data
  • Admissions Data
  • Student Accounts Data
  • Person Data (Faculty, Staff, Student, Alumni, Applicant, Recruit, Fin Aid Applicant)
  • Time Keeping Data
  • Job/Position Data


  • Improve the quality of the data, including accuracy, consistency of usage, timeliness, and definition
  • Improve the security of the data, including confidentiality and protection from loss
  • Improve ease of access to data for authorized data users, ensuring that data are easily located, easily accessed once located, and that authorized data users have enough information about the data to understand what they have found; provide clear and accessible documentation about data; make data more accessible to non-technical authorized data users
  • Reduce the redundancy of data, by supporting sharing of data rather than replicating it in multiple sources and by integrating data from separate operational systems

Initial Scope

Align with core data cleanup for student data, Identity Management replacement and business process improvement effort within Banner.

Roles & Responsibilities

Data Trustee:

Data trustees are senior University officials (or their designees) who have planning and policy-level responsibility to provide a broad, university-wide view of data. Responsibilities include assigning data stewards, approving policies, and promoting data resource management and ensure that data plans are consistent with and in support of the university strategic plan.

Data Steward:

Data stewards are University officials responsible for quality definition and consistent use of data, establishing policies and standards, adherence to security, privacy and compliance requirements, and determining appropriate preservation of data. Support data custodians and data users in adherence of data governance policies and practices.

Data Stewards are responsible for carrying out established University data policies, including the University's overall administrative data security policies. Data Stewards are designated by Data Governance Executive Sponsors (Jim Coleman, Donna Heath and Charlie Leffler). The Executive Sponsors are responsible for policy and accountability for data They also provide direction to the council through the establishment of data policies. Together these two groups represent policy-level and operational-level responsibility for managing the University’s information resources.

Data stewards provide a formal mechanism for communication among data custodians, data users, and data guardians. The Data Governance Council connects the data stewards to ways in which the institution uses the data.

Data Custodians:

Data custodians are responsible for ensuring that policies, standards, adherence to security, privacy and compliance requirements are followed within specific user areas (e.g., colleges, departments, and administrative offices) and that local procedures are consistent with university policies and procedures.

Data Guardians:

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the data guardian. The guardian is responsible for providing a secure infrastructure in support of the data, including, but not limited to, providing physical security, backup and recovery processes, granting access privileges to system users as authorized by data trustees or their designees (usually the data stewards), and implementing and administering controls over the information.

Data User:

Data users are individuals who need and use University data as part of their assigned duties or in fulfillment of assigned roles or functions within the University community. Individuals who are given access to sensitive data have a position of special trust and as such are responsible for protecting the security and integrity of those data.

Data Trustees and Data Stewards

Dr. Jodi Pettazzoni, Associate Vice Provost & Director, Assessment, Accreditation & Academic Program Planning

Data Set Trustee Steward
Advancement Beth Fischer Rob Saunders
Campus Enterprises (Auxiliary)

Bob Shea Scott Milman
Facilities Bob Shea Sameer Kapileshwari
Finance, Student Accounts Bob Shea Steve Honeycutt
Faculty Personnel Jim Coleman Alan Boyette
Financial Aid Tina McEntire Deborah Tollefson
Human Resources Bob Shea Jeanne Madorin
Research Terri Shelton Valera Frances
Student Tina McEntire Chris Partridge
Student Life/Affairs Cathy Akens George Still
Student Health Kathleen Baber Kathleen Baber
Ex Officio
Business Affairs Bob Shea Greg Hodges
Graduate Jim Coleman Kelly Burke
Information Security Donna Heath Bryce Porter
Institutional Research Jim Coleman Larry Mayes
Technical Donna Heath Lee Norris/Jeff Whitworth
Undergraduate Jim Coleman Andrew Hamilton